Patricia Leonard : Wearing High Heels in a flip flop World

Wearing High Heels in a flip flop World

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About the Book    About the Author

This book is dedicated to reviving what I call Diva Energy. I want women who have lost their fascination for life to awaken their femininity and re-energize those fantasies and dreams. Redefining one’s uniqueness as woman and focusing on No Regrets Living is the core goal of my message.

Our society is constantly changing, and many of us are struggling to keep up with all the transitions. You who were intrigued by the title of this book may be at a life-changing crossroads. Many times, before we are even aware of the desire to change, something inspires us (literally “a fire within”), or perhaps we simply feel frustration for where we are in our lives. Whatever the catalyst for picking up this book, my hope is it will be just the stimulation you need to define and express your passions and reclaim your feminine power—your inner Diva.

If you’re ready to push past your frustrations, pursue your dreams, make a difference, and

feel great about yourself, then this book is for you! Let’s get you started! I’ll cheer you on

and offer some quick and simple strategies for creating a fabulous, extraordinary life!

Patricia is a dreamer living the song in her heart verse by verse and lyric by lyric…and she is a cheerleader for those who dare to dream…and pursue their dreams! She enjoys helping others to discover their goals and motivating them to keep reaching for the stars. Her book and one-woman show titled “Wearing High Heels in a flip flop world” is focused on coaching and encouraging readers and audiences to get out of their flip flop lives and start living. Throughout Patricia’s life, a few things have remained constant: the unique role she plays in other’s lives as a cheerleader and guide, her ability to reinvent herself, and her passion as an empowered woman! Patricia is a true diva; she can dress in a suit and become the professional or put on a pair of jeans and still exude a diva stature.

Patricia refers to herself as the Everyday Diva, a woman living her best authentic self and encouraging others to discover and embrace the person they are and desire to become. She speaks on various subjects supporting image, empowerment, self-awareness and personal and professional choice.

Today, Patricia’s organization, the Everyday Diva encourages clients to stop walking in the footsteps of others and to confidently step out on their own unique path. She is an inspirational speaker, performer, seminar leader and success coach. Her career background is in human resource management, talent development and corporate training. She has consulted with companies in the service, banking, manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, retail and financial industries; and taught classes as a university adjunct professor. Patricia has a degree in Human Resource Management, is certified as a Career Coach and Consulting Hypnotist and is MBTI qualified. Her desire is to play a key role in helping others live a life full of hope, fulfilled dreams and inspired living. Her motto is: Life is a gift, the way we wrap it is our choice. She believes that life is too special to live half-fulfilled.

Editorial Reviews

In this book, Patricia Leonard takes a simple concept of self-acceptance and makes it clearly enjoyable for her readers. She opens a path of freedom, creativity, and joy for anyone curious enough to truly explore the path.I highly recommend this easy read. By B. Seaborne

This book is one everyone could benefit from reading. Most of us get comfortable and relaxed in our busy life and forget our dreams and what really makes us happy. Very motivational and encouraging book that makes us all remember dreams really do come true. By Lori Helmintoller

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