Patrice Hannah : The Strength of Baffin

The Strength of Baffin

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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Calista Fox, Kate Daniels, Patricia Briggs, Sienna Mynx, Becky Wade

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Print Length

206 pages


ISBN-13: 978-1521902677


Patrice Hannah

Publication Date

July 20, 2017



About the Book    About the Author

TETHRAN LeMARK: An hired cutthroat, hardened by toils of the past, decides that it's time to retire and enjoy a solitary rustication when he is confronted with one final job.....

JOLIN CRYMBLE: The spirited daughter of a baker, who finds herself journeying across the country in the company of the two ruthless men who were meant to kill her father.....

Add IVAN SINCLAIR: The childhood friend of LeMark (and fellow assassin) who discovers his lost long sister is not dead but has been sold off like common chattel to the highest bidder.....

Jump on board this brutal and exciting journey through the fantastical land of Baffin. A world of violence, betrayal, discovery and unexpected romance unfolds. Lives will be changed, hearts will be touched...but the STRENGTH OF BAFFIN had always been meant to return...

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