Len Parsons : When A Christian Dies ... Whats Next? 26 Q & A About Heaven

When A Christian Dies ... Whats Next? 26 Q & A About Heaven

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Len Parsons



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Death happens to Everyone, no family is left untouched. Even christian families must deal with the reality of death.This is a collection of the 26 Most Asked Questions and their Bible based Answers. The God of All Comfort has Given us Much imformation about where christians go at Death and What death Actually is .This is a great tool to get for yourself or someone you know. These questions were collected from My Bible Answer website .

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"I had just said goodbye to my older brother, we had shared life ...family ... and experienced things together that no one on earth but us understood. I walked out of the hospital room. He had just passed away. It was anti-climatic. He had been in the hospital for months. What did I feel ? I couldn't tell you what I felt. His body was going to be cremated, So this was the last time I would ever see him. I talked to him for a couple of moments... said Some things about when we were children... Some things that needed to be forgiven... and Some promises were made... I would take care of his daughter Like she was my own. I would step up. to fill a role I never wanted ...be the oldest brother in the family and watch over my mom and dad ... When I walked out of the hospital room. It just seemed like it was not enough. How could life be over. So randomly without an exclamation point. When I stepped onto the elevator the Spirit of God spoke to me. A simple phrase .. that now is a part of how I live. Every day of my life. The phrase simply is “Last time Here Next time There” This was the "Last Time Here". But I felt the joy of the Lord knowing there is a "Next Time There". This book Is Dedicated to all of you who have loved ones you've seen For the Last Time Here, you are going to have great joy the Next Time There. The next time I see him it will not be in a hospital room. It will be in the throne room of heaven. He won't have tubes, he won't have side effects of medication, He won't have issues and struggles and things that were not done or completed.. He will be whole, Complete and More alive than I've ever seen him on the earth. I’ll see him loved and fully understood and I can hardly wait give my big brother a great big Hug ... I look forward. To the Next Time There."

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Highly recommend this book for peace of mind!"Everyone has guestions and concerns about what happens when we die, or a loved one. This book is easy to find valuable, biblical information on what happens. The best is its is backed up by scripture! This book gives peace about when we die, because you can tell it's from the Father's heart. I love it!"

-Praise God

"I would recommend this book to any one on the edge of committing to Christ. We each have to make a choice and this book will help. Life is hard sometimes, but even when we fall short we are loved and saved by Grace."

Five Stars
Glen from Oregon

"Love It, Thanks!"

Well written!

Well written and delightful. I thank you, Pastor Len Parsons!

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