Len Parsons : Drowning In Plain Sight : A  Survival Story

Drowning In Plain Sight : A Survival Story

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"What happened Next was like slow motion .Try as I might I could not keep my head above water, I managed to get to the top a couple of times just to sink back down. At 5 years old My Entire Knowledge of life came from the cartoons I watched on Saturday mornings and if I was sure of anything I was drowning !"

DescriptionThis is my latest Book "From a dream i had one night. In the Dream I was writing a book that really meant nothing to me , it was just a book !I couldn't even remember it or title then God saying "If your gonna write a book ... here is the title ...the cover and the list of topics My people Need this book!" This is the book from the dream.

It is about keeping your head above The waters of life that will take you under before you realize you are Drowning in Plain Sight ! This is a Short and Powerful book that just may save your or someone you love from Going Under in Plain Sight .These are all True Stories of Real Issues that taken friends from their Comfort Zone into the Danger Zone in the waves of emotions,they Didn't see they were Drowning in Plain Sight

I remember nearly drowning when I was a kid, it was so Much like drowning in sin, emotional depression and fear, there were people all around me unconscious to my plight, watching me Go Under for the last Time , then my Dad Came, Jumping in clothes and All, to Save His Child , just Like Jesus Did for me. From the Water Lifted Me now Safe Am I!”“I have often reflected on this experience and cannot help but see parallels to it in the 52 years I have been privileged to live on this earth since that event took place. I cannot help but see the many times I nearly went under for the last time but my Heavenly Father has rescued me just in time. Sometimes the waters were composed of Fear, and doubt, often times Discouragement and Depression were about to take me down but God has always gotten to me just in Time. I have looked addiction in the face and felt the certainty it would kill me in a year if I didn’t change but yet have no power to change. I have also looked back at the situations “I have walked through and realized that no one around me Really had any Idea of how bad they were or how hopeless I had become. Was it because they were indifferent or uncaring or was it that I kept up a really good front? In this book I share Real stories of Friends Who Have or Nearly Have drowned in Plain Sight .

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