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The Vanguard are the forward force in an Army. The Vanguard are the leaders of innovation. The Vanguard sit on the front lines preparing the way. Highly adaptive, pro-active and willing to innovate at a moment’s notice. What if these were the essential qualities of the Church living out the great commission? What if instead of playing defense we decided to shift our focus from rear guard and become the Vanguard? The good news of Jesus has only one direction. The gospel moves forward. The Church should herald that good news with the same passion and vigor that Christ did the first time he proclaimed truth. This short book is a word of encouragement, to herald the gospel of Jesus with a Vanguard heart.

Editorial Reviews

Duncan sounds the call for the western Church; we're not in maintenance mode, we're not in retreat, we're not worried about the way culture is going as if it's the home we're trying to make comfortable for ourselves... no, we are the counter-culture - a people for God to delight in; where church leaders are on the frontline, Christians are passionate about grace and truth, and the Church of Jesus is advancing, for the glory of God, and our great joy.

Don Reddin

Lead Pastor - CityLight Church

Content Director - Lift Radio

Duncan Robinson give fresh perspective to the delusional thought that the 'Mission of the Gospel' is diminishing in our Culture today! He very simplistically lays out THE PLAN (Which so happens to be God's Plan...) for ADVANCING the Gospel in an ever-changing Culture! Two Simple Messages that NEVER CHANGE are clearly consistent in the pages of VANGUARD...

1) TIME keeps continuing...

2) The MESSAGE/MISSION of Jesus is still the same...


Josh Barrett

Lead Pastor - Church of Celebration

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