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Duncan Robinson is the breakfast Radio Host on Hope 103.2 in Sydney. Australia's largest community radio show, and a top 3 breakfast show in Sydney. Each week his show reaches almost 400,000 people. He also currently serves as a Pastor in a Sydney Australia, Northgate. Previously to that he spent 5 years planting in Phoenix Arizona. It is strange how God leads a person, and even stranger how God leads an Australian to be involved in a Church plant in the middle of the Desert.

He was born in Malaysia, raised in Sydney, educated at UTS, Married to Carly, Educated again at Morling, planting in the USA, and now back in Australia.

He is married to an amazing woman and supports me in every crazy idea that I have for Jesus, it takes a lot to be a crazy pastors wife, and I love her for it! We have two wonderful children.