Okey Eni : Nostalgia


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Okey Eni

Publication Date

April 10, 2012



About the Book    About the Author

It is a collection of poems all written by Okey Eni.

Editorial Reviews

This was interesting and clever and at times a tongue twister for me. Congratulations, Rick Dream Team HQ

While I'm not a proponent of archaic, stilted words like "unto", the poem still carries a message, that, however, enigmatic it might be, contains a passionate quality to it that makes the poem enjoyable to read. It does lack specifics of course, and so the reader can only guess as to an exact meaning, some will like that, some will not, but the language is good and helps the reader appreciate the poem.

It seems to be a cry against passion of some manner, but you don't just mention the highs, but the lows two, and like a pendulum, by poems end, it swings back again to the high. It almost seems like self-doubt, that you wonder why you can feel these mood swings like other people. It would help if I knew at least a little more of your actual intent, but of course as it is now, it is up to the reader to supply his or her own interpretation.

It is a poem that will engage readers and make them think, or at least, wonder. Tiggy Newbie Help And Support Group

Very high-flown piece of poetry. It seems you know Shakespearean poetry well.I enjoyed your poem and I think you are trying to discuss the current problems in your country. .It gives a strong message and I like the use of words in your poem. CREEK

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