Nicole A. Walker : Raising Autism 3 Page Preview

Raising Autism 3 Page Preview

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January 21,2017



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In Raising Autism, Nicole A. Walker's third book. She educates us from a parent's perspective in her own personal memoir. Taking us on an emotional and inspiring roller coaster; through the day and life of mom raising three children on the autism spectrum. Being a teen mom of baby girl that is struggling with invisible autism. Raising her first son who is highly functioning, so the signs were missed until he's 8. To raising three year old twins with only one on the spectrum. Where she discloses the struggles and joys of loving a man who is a parent with autism. Nicole enlightens us with her selfless heart, while giving hope to those raising children with autism. Reminding us how important it is accept our children for who they are. Raising Autism will warm your spirit and open your heart. Because no one should have to raise a child, with autism alone.

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