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The Last Book

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Literature, Iris Murdoch, Jorge Luis Borges, Margaret Atwood, Jim Harrison

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18 September 2017



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The Last Book departs from Thomas Mann’s last, unfinished novel and propels its hero into the speculative waters of time travel, alternative history, and a dystopian future.

When precocious 19th-century con-man Felix Krull is recruited by an astral-traveling presidential candidate, Sophie Vaughan, he embarks on a quest across time to find her and prove his mettle on a world stage. His daredevil joyride through ’70s middle America tests his powers of persuasion and faith in a charmed destiny.

Fast-forwarded to 2036, Felix discovers Sophie caught in a multidimensional struggle between the controlling Hierarchy and the dissident Panarchists. First grappling with a new identity, then tested in his loyalty to Sophie as president, Felix faces his ultimate challenge, the capacity for enduring love.

Editorial Reviews

A comparable work is David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, shaded with House of Cards. Other writers with stylistic echoes include Tom Robbins, Jack Kerouac, Margaret Atwood, Kurt Vonnegut, Umberto Eco, and Philip K. Dick.

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