Brooke Hamlin : Noah's Invisible Adventures

Noah's Invisible Adventures

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Children & Teens, Religion & Spirituality

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Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction, Max Lucado, Karen Kingsbury, C.S. Lewis, Francis Chan

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Noah’s Invisible Adventures is a breakthrough children’s book that follows the incredible true story of 7 year-old Noah Spiker.

This full-color, SEVENTY TWO, page work, is no ordinary picture book. Each page is uniquely designed to interact with the reader and take them on a “treasure hunt” to discover God’s truth and the adventure of walking with Christ. Even though Noah is blind, he has discovered alternative means for looking at the world. He has learned the secret of opening the eyes of his imagination and his faith. His amazing creativity enables him to explore other planets, rescue damsels in distress, and swing through the rainforest canopy…all without leaving his bedroom. Above all, Noah has learned what it means to walk by faith in Christ. Read the book to discover what happens when faith BECOMES your sight!

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