Noah Elias : Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps

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The Kid in Me

Publication Date

May 2014



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We all have gone through rough patches in life:

- Losing the dream job.

- A relationship that went sideways

- The death of a loved one.

- An investment tanking.

When bad things happen in life, you can either let it define you or let it launch you. The choice is up to you! Speed Bumps are a part of life. We have all experienced them at one point, or many points, in our journey. So, how can you use your speed bumps to launch you into the life you were meant to live? Renown artist, Noah Elias, shares his story in Speed Bumps. You will see the good, the bad, and the ugly. More importantly, you will see how Noah took life's challenges and used them to launch into his sweet spot. Speed Bumps will also reveal the importance of having people in your life's journey that challenge you to launch. Through seeing the lessons that Noah learned because of his speed bumps, you too will learn how to launch into living in your sweet spot; and make the most out of your life!

Editorial Reviews

"Good results come from great gifts, but great results come from great gifts refined by extraordinary guidance. If you're tired of coming short of the potential you know you have, maybe it's time to benefit from the mentoring influence available to you from Noah Elias. His talent in unique, but his leadership insights are even more distinctive."

Bob Shank, Bestselling Author of Life Mastery

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