Noa Noasworld : Confessions of a Villain

Confessions of a Villain

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194 pages





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20 April 2016



About the Book    About the Author

Imagine yourself to someday become a famous singer? Hang onto your microphone, you’re in for more than what you bargained for…

NOA, an aspiring young boy from a broken home in the ‘burbs, nervously awaits a singing audition for an Australian TV talent show. He never dreamt it would be this competitive, brutal almost… But his difficult and violent past has taught him a thing or two, and he won’t give up that easily.

Will his unique vocals, fashion style and determined attitude mean his audition will screen across Australia? Or will the top producers shoot him down before he has a chance? NOA takes you into a world of TV auditions, music videos, profit-seeking producers and a music industry that preys on the vulnerable.

Confessions of a Villain is keenly observant and insightful, a guide for others on the road to becoming creative, unique and well-known stars.

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