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Code Human

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Mysteries & Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A. G. Riddle, James Rollins, Hugh Howey, Suzanne Collins

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The soul of humanity can not be ignored.

Fenesia Thornbark lives a privileged life because she belongs to a group of people called Purestkind, considered by an autocratic society to be the purest and highest form of humanity. However, her life is shattered with one fetal mistake, but allows her to see her world for what it really is: truths become lies. Lies turns to hate. And hate to an uprising and death. When the Purest, an autocratic government, embarks on subjecting groups of people to unspeakable horrors because they see them as lesser people, the unexpected happens: some of their own kind turns against them.

Fenesia and the rest of her family are marked as traitors. The Purest kills her parents. Destroy her home. Bound her in chains. But...in spite of it all, they fail to break her. And now she'll make them beg for death.

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