Nikolas Ridout : The Noisemaker Book One in the Trilogy The Angels Shall Sing

The Noisemaker Book One in the Trilogy The Angels Shall Sing

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History, Fiction & Literature

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Words: 194,380




Ridout & Son

Publication Date

Published: Nov. 12, 2015



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The Time: Friday, 8.50 am, 12th July, 1901. Clouds are in the sky, it looks like rain is on its way. To this farming community, rain is a good thing, it makes the crops grow and fills the dams and the river. But as they gather in the town square this morning they are very far from happy. There is a war on.

The Place: Cradock is a small town in South Africa. You can still recognise a lot of places built during this time, the farms are still there, the river is still there. What happens in this small town will alter the course of the war.

The Boy: Is a Farm Boy, like most, he learnt to ride and shoot literally before he could walk. Unfortunately, for the British, that is. The Colonel in the British Camp in Cradock likes the boy far too much. There are other boys missing.

The Story: Is an adventure based on fact. Names have been changed to protect the families. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. It will make you understand a lot went on, which never made its way into the history books.

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