Nicolette Jinks : Swift Magic (Book 2 of the Swift Codex)

Swift Magic (Book 2 of the Swift Codex)

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Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Kevin Hearne, Patricia C. Wrede, Maria V. Snyder, Tami Hoag, Gail Carriger

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Oct 24 2015



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Fera killed a man--or rather, a monster--and the fey community has called her to stand before them or lose her family and the magic derived of that heritage. But first, she has to survive the Verdant Wildwoods to reach them, and upon entering the wildwoods she can take only one thing: A companion. She chooses Mordon, the future ruler of a drake colony, possessing a second form as a fire dragon which the Wildwoods and feys will not be pleased to entertain.Can she pass the tests of the Wildwoods and face the fey assembly alike? Tricks and illusions abound and nothing will be as it appears, putting her new relationship with Mordon to the test.

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