Nicola Italia : The Tea Plantation

The Tea Plantation

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Romance, Romance

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Jennifer Blake, Kat Martin, Lisa Kleypas, Beatrice Small

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Self published

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July 26, 2014



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In Victorian era London, educated beauty Alexandria Ellsworth hastily accepts a marriage proposal after a broken engagement leaves her reputation in question. She knows little of her intended husband Edmund Bainbridge but is assured that he will offer her a comfortable, secure life.

When Edmund spots the green-eyed beauty at a posh London tea room he decides she and no other will be his wife and he whisks her away to his tea plantation in Ceylon. However once in Ceylon, Edmund loses interest in his new bride and becomes distant and cold neglecting her for long periods of time.

Meanwhile Alex falls in love with the beauty of Ceylon and its people. One evening she stumbles into a stranger in the Ceylon forest and is shocked to discover that the handsome stranger who holds her in his arms is the overseer of the plantation, Julian Bainbridge; her husband’s half brother.

She is drawn to the dark, attractive Julian as her husband continues to neglect her. As Julian and Alexandria fight their feelings for each other Edmund begins to spiral out of control hiding a dark, ugly secret that threatens to destroy everyone.

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