Nicola Italia : The Sheik and the Slave

The Sheik and the Slave

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Romance, Romance

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Jennifer Blake, Kat Martin, Lisa Kleypas, Beatrice Small

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Self published

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February 8, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

Katharine Fairfax is a high bred lady who enjoys a privileged life as the youngest daughter of Lord Fairfax. But when she rebuffs an older man’s insulting proposition of becoming his mistress the man decides to exact a most frightening revenge.

Katharine is kidnapped from her comfortable home and family in England and taken to Arabia where she is sold to a powerful sheik.

Sheik Mohammed Aksam Al Sabid is captivated by Katharine from the first moment she is brought into his audience chambers by two Arab pirates. He pays an outrageous sum for her and intends the white woman to join his harem.

But Katharine demands to return home. When the sheik denies this request - a clash of wills begins.

While each struggle with their emotions, Katharine falls under the Arab's spell in a world of sand and heat. Mohammed is equally bewitched and decides that he will have no other woman but Katharine and ultimately disbands his harem to start a new life with her.

But there is someone within the sheik’s palace who does not want Katharine as Mohammed’s wife and will stop at nothing to tear the two apart.

Editorial Reviews

To say this book is "good" is a serious understatement and an insult for the author. This book was AMAZING to the point in which I stayed up until 4:30 in the morning to finish it, I just couldn't put it down. Now, I only write reviews for books that really grab hold of the reader, have great character depth/plot, no cliff hangers, and wrap up the whole story, characters and all, in a nice bow for the reader. * SPOILER* I love the fact that this book has a prologue and an epilogue. To me this so much more concise from a readers perspective to have a beginning, and a strong ending. What I love most about this author is she she writes each character with a certain depth to them as if they are actual people. You get inside all the characters mind so you can understand what they are thinking, which I love! I think the story plot was excellent, it really had a lot of ups and downs. I loved the budding romance between the Sheik and Lady Katherine, and also all the drama that came along with it. There were definite times during the story in which I wanted to throw my iPad at the wall because of all the plot twists but in the end it just really rounded out the story so much more. I will definitely continue to read more books from this author, I am a huge fan already because of this book. I say give this book a try if you love steamy romances, great writing and a story without a cliff hanger.

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