Nicola Italia : The Boston Girl

The Boston Girl

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Jennifer Blake, Kat Martin, Lisa Kleypas, Beatrice Small

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330 pages




Self published

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December 6, 2015



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In high-society Boston, Lily Fitzpatrick is the pampered daughter of newspaper mogul Phineas Fitzpatrick. Born to an immigrant Irish family, Phineas has created The Bostonian newspaper and crafted it into one of the most widely read papers on the East Coast. But his great success comes at a price. At the turn of the century, Phineas allows his journalists to practice yellow journalism. The stories he publishes are only partly true and extremely slanted with one goal in mind: to sell newspapers. When a young politician’s son is arrested for a murder he claims was self-defense, The Bostonian has a field day. Once the son is convicted and hanged for murder, a series of tragic events are triggered. Suddenly, Lily is whisked away to Europe with her grandmother as chaperone to escape the danger that surrounds her, though she has no idea of it. Once in Europe, she meets a delightful group of travelers including two English brothers, a Southern belle and her gentlemanly sibling, a young Frenchwoman and her aunt, and a handsome Italian charmer. But someone is not what they seem. As the assassin moves closer to Lily, intent on doing her mortal harm, there is someone else set on protecting her . . . no matter the cost.

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