David Moore : The New Rich

The New Rich

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Tim Ferriss, Robert Kiyosaki, Seth Godin, Chris Guillebeau, Dan Kennedy

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About the Book    About the Author

If you want to escape the 9-5 rat race by building an online business empire, then read this book. ‘The New Rich’ is a term coined by Tim Ferris in his book ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’.

Figuring out what you are naturally good at and enjoy doing is the first step towards living a life that provides happiness, meaning and fulfilment. The New Rich includes interviews with Mike Michalowicz, John Lee Dumas, Corbett Barr, Dane Maxwell and a host of other lifestyle entrepreneurs. It’s time to take action, do work that matters and make a dent in the universe.

“Buy ‘The New Rich’ and you may never have to read a self-help book again - and I can’t think of a stronger reason to own it than that.”?

Luke Ashton. Advertising Creative Director.

Editorial Reviews

“We have all had the feeling of wanting to go it alone. The New Rich is based on the author’s own experience in
starting up alone, the fear, worry and ultimately job and
life satisfaction that comes with it and gives you the
advice and insight that just may help you make that

Edward Sherbourne, E-Business Director, BWI

“If you’ve ever blankly looked at your office screen and
thought ‘there has to be more to life’ or found yourself
thinking ‘what have I actually achieved?’ this book is for
you. It’s not another get rich in 5 minutes DIY book, it
offers practical advice for not just getting financially
rich, but leading a rewarding life too. So quit the rat
race, it’s time to lead a happy and abundant life.”

Errol Jayawardene, Head of Technology & Digital, Red
Lorry, Yellow Lorry

“This book inspires you to build a profitable business
doing work that you love and provides the reader with
the systematic steps necessary to do so. Those featured
in the book have built successful, profitable businesses
around their passions that positively impact others.
They are the New Rich and David expertly uses their
stories and his own personal experience to provide the
reader with an invaluable guide to do the same.”

Matt Kohn, Creator of A Different Hunger

“The New Rich is one of those rare breeds of books
in that it's not only inspiring, motivating and full of
real-world advice but it's also a bloody good read.”

Chris Morledge, ICT Services Director, Ortemo Tech

"As an author myself, I appreciate the challenges of
bringing a subject to life and captivating the reader
from page one. I found this book to be inspirational,
captivating and a must-read for anyone looking to say
goodbye to corporate life and hello to the brave new
world of doing what you love.”

Paul Hookham, Managing Director, Exceedus Ltd

“The New Rich book shows you how to leverage the
power of the internet in order to make money doing
what you love.”

Andrew Scanlon, Head of Sales & Marketing, MDA

"This is a book about becoming rich. Not just financially
rich, but rich in life. Some people have more money than
is possible to spend in a lifetime and yet are still
unhappy. This book delves into why The New Rich lead
such happy and abundant lives and shows you through
very practical proven steps, how you can join them."

Michael Huxley, Innovation Coach, The Hive

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