Neva Squires-Rodriguez : No Turning Back PREVIEW

No Turning Back PREVIEW

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No Turning Back

Book 3 of the Liliana series

by Neva Squires-Rodriguez

For Liliana, the devastating secret she learns, pushes her to search for answers from her father, El Jefe. He is one of the most hated men in South America and eventually, Liliana sees him for the person who he really is.

Fleeing her father’s extreme lifestyle, she soon runs back into the arms of her husband, Antonio Valencia, Jr., and in spite of the rocky road in their past, Liliana is able to forgive Antonio and move forward, enabling her to take the bold steps necessary to reclaiming her life.

Despite everything that she’s been through, nothing can prepare her for the tragedy that will come of her relationship with her father... or the priceless opportunity that will come from it, in this third book of the Liliana

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