Neal Samudre : The Live Like Jesus Manifesto

The Live Like Jesus Manifesto

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Living like Jesus is a forgotten concept.

This is unfortunately evidenced in Christian's lack of a loving response to culture in the midst of debates. It's evidenced in the addictions we carry daily. And it's evidenced in the number of people leaving the church in droves.

If many of us were asked about how it looks like to live like Jesus, we would answer with a shrug of the shoulders or a cruddy answer about being a super Christian. In reality, living like Jesus is about living a meaningful life—the way life was intended to be.

We need to be reminded about what it looks like to live like Jesus today.

In this short and practical eBook, Neal Samudre (creator of talks about the 10 defining principles that surround a person who daily lives like Jesus. If you want to transform your daily life for the better and live the way life was meant to be lived, read this eBook and talk about it with your community.

It's time we make the world a better place with our beliefs. It's time we live like Jesus.

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