Neal Samudre : Red: Discovering a Love that Lasts in a Culture that Doesn't Believe it Can

Red: Discovering a Love that Lasts in a Culture that Doesn't Believe it Can

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"I used to be love's greatest critic, but that was before it changed me. Here's the story of how that happened . . ."

There were many reasons Neal couldn't believe love was able to last. His parents split up. Culture fed him pessimistic views on love. And he couldn't get a single girl to like him. After this, Neal was left bruised and battered about love.

But once he decided to chase after the girl of his dreams, he discovered a few new things about love and what it takes to make it last in today's cynical culture.

Based on the worldwide viral article, "5 Reasons Why I Got Engaged Before 23," Red is a unique story for those longing to believe in love again. With a heartwarming narrative and profound thoughts, Neal reveals how we treat love in a straightforward and honest way.

If you are single, dating, married, searching, or apathetic about love, this book will enrich your understanding on the subject, and allow you to live a bold and world-changing love story.

Editorial Reviews

"I think the reason that I loved this so much was because it was so honest. Samudre shares his true journey towards understanding how beautiful and lovely love can be, and he does an excellent job doing it. Samudre writes like he's having a conversation with you, and it makes you invest in his story like it's your own. I can't wait for Yellow, the next e-book in this series, and I think everyone - whether you're in love, you don't understand love, or you're afraid of love - should read Red. It's gorgeous." -Melissa Boles, writer/blogger

"We've become swallowed alive with stories that are charmed, tweaked and gimmicked for the internet. For followers. For clout. For likes and comments. Folded within Neal's story is place of solace and simple truth. On what other planet (besides Amazon) would one find a person---a young man, at that---who is so willing to share his reservations and his breakthroughs regarding love. Reading this felt like being present at a very honest counseling session. But it is the reader who comes to terms with believing in a sustaining love once again, if they have been jaded from reports of the dark side of marriage and compromise. A very natural, easy-going, captivating read." -Brett Wilson, Creator of

"I found the stories in this book to be extremely compelling.That paired with the author's vulnerability left me wanting more.I whole-heatedly recommend this book to anyone wrestling with love." -David Valentine, CEO and Co-Founder of Rethink Creative Group

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