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Today, many of us turn to lifehacks and personal-development articles to solve our confusion about life. This isn't bad, except that we can sometimes entirely ignore the Bible.

To make matters worse, we're told to live like Jesus. We know He is the best model for the human life, but if we're honest, we're not sure living like Jesus is practical for everything we do in life other than spirituality.

But JesusHacks is here to change the discussion.

JesusHacks is a book based on the website (, which gives character development tips to help you live like Jesus in everything you do. The author, Neal Samudre, makes it his mission to provide you with practical how-to tips for living your faith in a complex and noisy world.

This book gives practical Biblical insight from the life of Jesus on topics such as:

— How to live with less in a world of excess.

— How to stop planning your life and still be intentional about it.

— How to lead others with your beliefs at the forefront of everything you do.

— How to be proud of your singleness, and make the most of it.

— How to make better decisions with your money and spend less.

— How to develop your character to make a difference in the world.

If you want a resource to develop and refine your character, allow you to see just how practical your faith is, and help you live like Jesus in a busy world, then JesusHacks is the perfect book for you.

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