Neal Samudre : How to Be Important

How to Be Important

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Neal Samudre

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You want to become an influencer, or someone whose ideas are heard and loved.

The problem is, when we want influence, we usually go about it in the wrong way. We spend years fumbling around with poor blogs, broken bands, and failed attempts at feeling value and significance. We obsess over building platforms and trying to connect with other influencers, when in reality, this isn’t what we need (first and foremost) to make it.

For the past few years, there has been a proven method at achieving influence, a method that has long been forgotten or ignored.

In How to Be Important, Neal discusses the four steps to achieving influence and spreading ideas in today’s world. With an engaging voice and heartfelt perspective, Neal reveals that the road to influence isn’t as complicated as it looks. It can be accomplished, but only after we go through a few necessary steps.

Check out this eBook if you:

-Want to become an influencer who shapes cultures, but doesn’t know how.

-Don’t take your dreams seriously.

-Don’t know what you have to offer the world, or need to discover your voice.

-Need practical how-to steps for spreading your ideas.

-Feel small or insignificant, but are ready to put that feeling to rest.

-Want to make a difference in the world.

Influence is not optional. It’s necessary to make something of this human life. Let this book be the start of your journey to influence.

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