Nathan Peterson : So Am I

So Am I

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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102 pages



Publication Date

November 1, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

Nathan Peterson, a singer/songwriter from Illinois, invites us to see the world around us, and the world within, from a new place. In a culture whose foundations are built upon escape, distraction, pain-avoidance, and future-living, it is almost impossible to be where we are, when we are... let alone who we are. What is, has become peripheral. Living each moment has taken a back seat to planning the moments to come. Thus, we've traded away our right to live our life. So Am I is an invitation to come back to where, and when, and who we are. To live our life - life the way it is.

Nathan describes with great transparency his fight to live each moment of the 14 months his daughter Olivia, who was deemed "incompatible with life" at birth, fought to do the same. He shares the lessons he learned from a terminal, perfect little girl, about life and living and letting go. He invites us to see the world around us, and the world within, from a new place. A place we've been longing to be.

So Am I is a 2-part project consisting of this book and a 4-song music EP. Listen to the corresponding album on Nathan's Noisetrade Music page:

Editorial Reviews

"A beautifully written, authentic look into the heart and soul of another human facing life's unexpected. Each chapter is full of gold, mined through a journey of choosing to look fear full in the face, and live in the moment." - Amazon Review

"This book is the perfect combination of authentic heartfelt story and clear lessons for any of us to take and grow from. This is a quick and easy read in terms of format, but you'll do well to take time and savor it. Slow down. Put yourself in the time and place and let yourself grow. You'll be better for it." - Amazon Review

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