Natasha Bajema : Bionic Bug

Bionic Bug

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Washington D.C., October 2027

Amateur Detective Lara Kingsley must sacrifice everything to stop a rogue scientist from unleashing the ultimate biological weapon—a deadly swarm of bionic bugs.

When Lara starts up her business to install surveillance systems for wealthy clients, she never imagines having to solve any grisly murders. That is, until her best friend and fellow private investigator drops dead before her eyes. Lara begins a harrowing search for her friend’s killer and uncovers far more than she bargains for.

Racing to unravel the mystery, she finds herself becoming deeply entangled in a new technological world of drones, gene editing, and the Dark Web—the notorious underground of the Internet. To solve the murder, she must enlist the help of the scientist himself while trying to stop him from killing thousands of innocent people.

From long-time national security expert, Natasha Bajema, comes an action-packed mystery novel, the first in a series that uniquely weaves together elements of mystery, techno-thriller, and speculative fiction.

Warning: This is not your grandmother’s mystery novel.

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