William Owens : Naked Before God - Words that Express My Heart

Naked Before God - Words that Express My Heart

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I never set out to write poems, nor did I read poetry.

Naked Before God - Words that express my heart, represents my time with God. My poetry is the result of the difficult and lonely season in my life. During this period I had to choose to either react or respond. Not only did I choose the latter, I also decided to remove the fig leaves from my heart one layer at a time and get “naked before God.”

I literally bare my inner thoughts, unclothe my issues, uncover my fears, unmask my ideas and unveil my hopes. I even unshroud my sins -- especially my sins. Bare in mind it’s the little sins that are hidden and covers us and really holds us down.

Getting naked is difficult enough -- even when no one is watching. Getting naked before God is much more difficult when God allows us to permit Him to see your heart open and expose yourself as you willfully uncloak yourself.

Becoming naked before God is no doubt difficult both emotionally and mentally because by our very nature, we can’t tell what it really means to be naked -- let alone being naked before God. I mean, how do you know if you are baring your soul before the one and true Living God and not some made up entity that’s nothing more than a figment of your imagination? I believe that answer is found in what happens when you begin to remove the mask. It is when God in turns opens His heart to you.

In every way, these poems are God’s heart being open to me. It does not necessarily mean the answer is crystal clear. It just means that somehow it works. You will notice my moment of getting naked in the beginning of “words that express my heart.” It is then towards the end you will read a response or answer – that’s God speaking back to my heart. That’s how I know I got naked before God!

It is critically important to point out that God never speaks contrary to His Word – The Holy Bible – nor does He speak through any other than His Son – Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

Most of these poems are personal. While other poems are observations of people who have come into my life. Some of these people I know well. While other individuals are strangers. These poems represent moments in time which I was captured by their experience and the words were liberated.

I do not follow the prescribed or standard poetry protocol. I would not recognize it if I was even looking at it. Remember? This is about me being naked before God.

Everyone has a naked place that is never safe when opened to strangers. You simply never know what their reaction will be. I can only hope that these “words that express my heart” will add a source of courage and hope to your life and help you to start unclothing yourself and get NAKED…. Before God!

Editorial Reviews

This is such an amazing book being a lover of poetry the book takes you to another place and bring you back safely. Please read this book! Daphine

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