Nadine Dandorf : Contingencies


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Mysteries & Thrillers, Romance

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Clive Cussler, Jack Higgins, Cindy Gerard, HelenKay Dimon, Nora Roberts

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October 11, 2016



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Recalled for a secret task, former U.S. Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Adrian Reilly must bring the CIA definitive proof that its deputy director of National Clandestine Services, Charlie O'Donnell, is the master manipulator behind the deaths of covert operatives and agents and Reilly’s brothers in arms. Reilly’s motivation is simple: to clear his name for being wrongfully discharged and avenge the deaths of both his best friend and the CIA Special Agent who warned him that O’Donnell was an enemy from within. But O’Donnell’s web of deceit and lies is spun with devils and innocents, including Trent Mariner, a rouge sniper Reilly believed dead and Daniella St. Sauveur, the daughter of the agent who warned him about O’Donnell.

When Dani discovers she’s been used as a pawn in O’Donnell’s murderous games, she must summon the strength of warriors twice her size in order to survive the betrayal and the ache for a man with a player reputation and a laser-focus only his mission.

Reilly’s strength and resolve are tested and his ability to battle any contingency cannot fully prepare him for the depth of O’Donnell’s conspiracies and what Mariner has planned. More than his military expertise, Reilly will need faith, hope, and a special woman’s unwavering love in order to stop a madman’s vengeful quest to destroy them all.

Editorial Reviews

Top Ten Finalist in the Ink & Insights 2016 Critique My Novel Master Category and awarded five stars from Readers Favorite

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