Chris Lilley : je suis noir: selected poems - noisetrade edition

je suis noir: selected poems - noisetrade edition

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je suis noir is a book of poetry focusing on being black in America.

I want to recognize the great tragedy that is the loss of black lives in America and the resulting debate about whether or not people of colour matter. This chapbook is a direct response to these feelings. Saying black lives matter is not to say ONLY black lives matter or ONLY black tragedies matter. But rather, it is a response to a culture that diminishes the attacks on people of colour, discredits their innocence, and disparages our race as a whole. je suis noir is a work that stands in support with Black communities suffering the effects of racial violence.

je suis noir is not meant to minimize French tragedies. je suis noir is a cry that says “our tragedies are valid as well.”

My name is Christopher S. Lilley. I am a Christian, an opera singer, a youth music minister, a teacher, and an older brother. I am also a black poet who will not remain silent while this nation murders black people. I have a right to be angry.

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