Dambudzo Mushambi : Work matters

Work matters

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Professional & Technical Reference, Religion & Spirituality

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Ronald Sider, Tim Keller, Anthony Bradley, Vinoth Ramachandra

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41 Pages



Publication Date

January 2016



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Does your work really matter? Sometimes we wake up and wonder to ourselves "Why did I get up this morning?" Work is a large part of our day to day lives, whether it pays well, is rewarding and engaging, or not. So besides the paycheque, is there a reason why we work? This booklet explores the idea of the two types of human work and connects them to the exciting larger work that God is already doing in the world. Fire up your imagination as you consider how to leverage your work to build for the Kingdom of God. More than you could have ever imagined, your work matters, and Dambudzo Mushambi demonstrates how it is part of a grand story that has been unfolding from the beginning of time and is headed toward the New Heavens and the New Earth. He engages common misconceptions about work, including the sacred/secular divide, and with practical questions for reflection, this primer provides concrete steps to begin engaging your work Christianly and for the glory of God.

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