Mollie Player : What I Learned from Jane

What I Learned from Jane

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Biographies, Parenting

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78 pages


Mollie Player, LLC

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February 7, 2012



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What I Learned From Jane is the story of how a child born with severe brain damage changed her mother's life.

"After that, someone asked if I wanted to make a Christmas ornament with Jane's hand prints on it, so I did. One of the nurses had also made one for her the day before so I put mine in the box next to hers and we gathered up our things and went home.

When we got home it was about midnight. I still wasn't walking very well and on my way to the door I dropped one of the Christmas ornaments and it broke. David wondered what was taking so long so he came back to find me.

'Are you coming in?' he asked.

I didn't say anything; I was just looking at the ground and crying.

He said, 'Oh, the ornament broke.'

Then he took me in his arms and held me for a long time.

Later that night after we had gone to bed I told David that I wasn't sad about losing the ornament.

'It just seemed so symbolic,' I said. 'She's broken.' "

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