Mollie Player : The Emergency Diet: The Somewhat Hard, Very Controversial, Totally Unheard Of and Fastest Possible Way to Lose Weight

The Emergency Diet: The Somewhat Hard, Very Controversial, Totally Unheard Of and Fastest Possible Way to Lose Weight

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My name is Mollie, and for twelve years, I was obsessed with losing weight. That’s right: obsessed.

I woke up with it, I went to bed with it, I lived with it. I read, and read, and read—and I tried every method I could find to lose weight. Then, one day, I finally figured it out: a very, very fast weight loss method that kept my motivation high and my feelings of deprivation low.

My weight loss and weight maintenance method is a combination of several methods, and therein lies its power. I have never read a book or heard a testimonial from anyone who has lost weight as fast as I did while using this method, which I call the Emergency Diet. The results are much faster than the kind of loss promised by diet pills, workouts and calorie counting combined, and this weight loss method is one-of-a-kind; you will not find this information anywhere else .

I truly don’t think the human body can lose weight faster than this.

I regularly, consistently lost over half a pound a day in my losing phase, and I was not very heavy to begin with. And this was not water weight, either. This was fat, and it stayed off permanently every time—including after having my first baby, when I lost 35 pounds in 60 days without breastfeeding.

The best part, though: I don’t obsess about food anymore. I like my body. I don’t feel embarrassed to go out after a long day of eating and drinking because I feel bloated. I don’t have to wait for a “flat stomach day” or “good body week” to let myself leave the house. I make last-minute plans with my friends and wear fitted tops.

And I truly feel great about how I look.

Here’s just some of what you’ll find in this book:

Part One: Diet Past: My experiences with dieting and how I discovered the Emergency Diet

Part Two: Diet Present: What the Emergency Diet is and why it works, including: "What Are the Health Benefits of This Method?", "How Does It Work?", "Sample Menus," "Sample Eating Schedules" and "How Much Weight Will I Lose?"

Part Three: Diet Future: How the Emergency Diet will work for you, including: "Why Quick Weight Loss?", "How Can I Speed Up My Loss Even Further?", "What Are the Potential Pitfalls I Should Watch Out For?", "How Can I Make This Diet Easier?" and "How Should I Begin?"

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