M. Landers : Wandlung


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Maurice Sendak, Norton Juster, Kenneth Grahame, Lemony Snicket, Tim Egan

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Sometimes a boy and his monstrous insect best friend have to face down the entire world on their own, ya know?

Join in and embark upon the story of a boy who must stand up against a horrifyingly inexplicable transformation and a deck most certainly stacked against him to see just how far even the youngest among us can go in fighting to protect and provide for a best friend. Written and illustrated with kids in mind, this story is a uniquely universal twist on a classic that strikes at the heart and offers as much to adults as children.

Editorial Reviews

"This is a very fanciful tale, and it reads like a story a child might tell you (the illustrations reflect that feeling as well). I think that is why all my kids enjoyed the book." - Jen, WhatMyKidsRead.com

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