MJ Mattson : The Cigar Story: How It All Started

The Cigar Story: How It All Started

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“If smoking is not allowed in heaven, I shall not go.” – Mark TwainCigars have been around forever, and the love of a good smoke is shared by celebrities and everyday people all over the world. For most people, they are an occasional luxury to be enjoyed at a special event. For others, they’re a simple exercise in quiet enjoyment and meditation. But the story of how the cigar became the luxury it is today a is far from simple. Get the full tale with The Cigar Story-How it All Started by MJ Mattson. This short book about cigars has all the background you need, but it isn’t just a history, it’s a guide to getting the best out of your stogies.

You get:

• The history of cigars from ancient Mayans to modern Cubans

• A guide to cigar types, wrappers, and more

• How cigars are made from curing to rolling

• How to cut, light and smoke a cigar

• Pro tips on getting the best flavor while smoking

• Secrets to judging cigar quality by its ash

• Expert advice for pairing your cigar with spirits or coffee

• How to choose the right humidor

• Fascinating stories of celebrities and their love of a good cigar

Whether your smoking habit rivals Winston Churchill's, or you just occasionally enjoy a good cigar like Whoopi Goldberg, The Cigar Story-How it All Started by MJ Mattson is a great place to start!

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