Mitchell LaFrance : White Hearts: Your New Soul Storyteller?

White Hearts: Your New Soul Storyteller?

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August 24, 2016



About the Book    About the Author

Mitchell LaFrance wants to share his deep experience watching his mom fight her demons, while fighting with his own. Mitchell wanted to share his mom's journal which he found locked in her computer.

Mitchell is a fighter and a survivor. He witnessed most of his closest connections battle with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and addictions. He wants to share his struggles, frustrations and his survival with the world. He wants to share how his choices and decisions impact his life in this cruel world.

Mitchell kept copies of notes, police witness statements, and complaints in a cardboard box waiting for him to start writing, and now he has begun. With his passion for storytelling, it's time for him to tell his story.

He wants to share his powerful experiences. He hopes that they will impact the world and help to make changes to humanity.

Here is the start of his on-going series, which he hopes will make an impact on his readers, as the story develops.

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