Miles Anthony Smith : Why Leadership Sucks™ Volume 2 Audiobook: The Pain, Pitfalls, and Challenges of Servant Leadership Fundamentals

Why Leadership Sucks™ Volume 2 Audiobook: The Pain, Pitfalls, and Challenges of Servant Leadership Fundamentals

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In this day and age, we talk about leadership and more and more books are available on the subject than ever before. The single keyword ‘leadership’ offers up more than 640 million search results on Google alone, and via the internet we can access leadership courses (like mine on and online information more quickly and easily than ever before. We have more management consultants than ever before in the history of the world. Yet we have a severe lack of leadership in most areas of government, business, and even non-profit organizations.

So why is that? It is a lack of follow-through... plain and simple. We all gorge ourselves on leadership conferences, webinars, books, and so on, but how much do we actually put into practice?

This book is about putting what we learn into practice, and that is a hallmark of leadership fundamentals. Whenever we feel frustrated or life seems to be spinning out of control, we need to get back to the fundamentals; to the basics of why we’re living. What is your purpose and mission? Is it based on the fundamentals of living a selfless life as a service-minded person?

“Life and people aren’t out to get you, but your approach to life and approach to people are.”

At times when our lives feel out of control, we need to get back to the basics of life and leadership. We can get so distracted by things in life that we forget about what is seminally true. It is always about the fundamentals: fundamentals in work, life, sports, faith, and relationships. We can easily allow ourselves to become distracted by all kinds of things that really don’t matter, and most of the time a return to the fundamentals brings us back into balance and promotes peace in our lives.

That’s what this book is about. If you feel that things are out of control, either in your own leadership or in that of others around you, this book is for you. If you just want to learn more about servant leadership fundamentals, this book is also for you. It is my hope and belief that this book will help you get back to the fundamentals of life and leadership. These are the things that really matter in life, and life should not be focused on the things that distract us from the purpose of living a selfless life.

The book is divided into four parts:

Part 1: To serve or not to serve. The choice is indeed a tough one.

Part 2: Leggo my ego. Addresses the challenge of needing an ego to lead but having that harnessed so it is not unwieldy.

Part 3: The danger of persona non grata. You don't want to be the unwelcome person, do you?

Part 4: Fierce competition steamrolls ahead. Organizational competition is heating up and show no signs of slowing. Will you ride the wave or be pulled under by the currents?

To discover why servant leadership is frustrating and learn practical senior leadership principles for your leadership journey, download a sample or purchase Why Leadership Sucks now.

Editorial Reviews

Most books on leadership seem to run out of interesting content about one-fourth of the way through. Or, they tend to be more "rah-rah" motivational books. In Why Leadership Sucks Volume 2, Miles Smith sets a table loaded with nutritious brain bytes and highly usable advice. He goes off-roading along the way, but as he does he uncovers an uncanny number of truths and wisdom about leadership...why it sucks, and why we love it.

-Chris Busch, Founder & CEO at LightQuest Media

I've witnessed firsthand the servant leadership example Miles espouses in his book Why Leadership Sucks Vol. 2. He is the real deal. You will laugh at some of his funny, but painful leadership challenges and increase your effectiveness as a leader by delving deeply into his book and applying the fundamentals to your life. You will go further faster and avoid a lot of the sucking part of leadership by mirroring his sage advice.

-Mark Gungor, International Marriage Expert

Smith follows Volume 1 with an even more detailed and applicable Volume 2. Premised under Servant Leadership and Jesus Christ, the book clearly connotes the greatest servant leaders ultimately follow Christ's teachings - whether they know it or not. While there are myriad leadership principles, tips and personal examples; my favorites were: Generosity, Memorable Identity, Delegation, Communication, and Pig Pen Leadership (a must read chapter for leadership change agents). You'll enjoy the book based on the concepts, learnings and easy-to-read format.

-David Yeghiaian, Director of Corporate Development & Strategic Growth at Holy Family Memorial Healthcare

While there are countless books on the subject of smart leadership, and how to improve your abilities as the head of a company, team, community or family, many of these texts seem incomplete, lacking in the more compassionate side of being a role model for others. Following on his successful first installation of this series, Smith delves deeper into the subject of leadership, focusing less on the classic elements of delegation, selflessness, humility, creativity, innovation and specific management techniques.

If any self-improvement book on leadership could be called "holistic," this would be it, as it touches on personal improvement, core morals, spirituality, self-confidence, and other issues that are often overlooked in this sub-genre. Smith writes passionately, but also with the confidence of experience. There are few errors, and the tone is relatable, but also authoritative, in a way that readers of this type of book would both expect and benefit from.

-Self Publishing Review

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