Miles Anthony Smith : Becoming Generation Flux: Why Traditional Career Planning is Dead: Be Agile, Adapt to Ambiguity, & Develop Resilience

Becoming Generation Flux: Why Traditional Career Planning is Dead: Be Agile, Adapt to Ambiguity, & Develop Resilience

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Whether you or someone you know is in college or just starting out, gainfully employed (and concerned about career ambiguity), underemployed, or have been downsized, rightsized, laid off, fired, cast off, or otherwise in career transition, Becoming Generation Flux is for you. Perhaps you are lost, hopeless, or angry. You might feel alone, cheated, ripped off, or not sure what to do next. Or maybe you are curious to understand the massive shift in the job hunting market currently rippling through the career transition landscape. Miles will guide you on a job search journey to understand the past, confront the career development present, and conquer future career success. You will learn why traditional career planning is dead, how to become agile, adapt to ambiguity, and develop resilience no matter what the job change market throws your way.

The book is divided into the following four parts:

Part 1: Lies, Damned Lies: Historical Context

Part 2: Stop The Education Madness!

Part 3: Embrace Becoming Generation Flux

Part 4: Hope in the Job Seeking Trenches

To discover why the job market is seemingly in chaos and learn practical action steps to navigate your career journey, get Becoming Generation Flux now.

Editorial Reviews

As the Great Recession lingers and the job market remains a dark, dingy, and competitive place, it's becoming more and more clear that things are never going to be as they once were. Smith is, luckily, the perfect person to take readers on this journey. Even the way in which he writes this book, flitting from topic to topic and cramming these 180 pages full of intriguing questions and conversations, makes it clear that Smith is one of the chaos-embracing individuals that define Generation Flux.

-Craig Manning, Independent Publisher Review

As you can see from the title of the book and the four parts, Miles Anthony Smith does not stray away from controversial topics. However, it's not too shocking given the employment issues the United States has been embroiled in for half a dozen years. In this book, Smith analyzes the changes in the job market and discusses ways for people to survive. Smith also doesn't come across as a stuffy academic who is spouting examples that he has never experienced firsthand. The author is part of Generation Flux, and he is sharing his knowledge and advice from the trenches. This book might irritate or frighten readers, but it will make people think. This is a scary time in history and Smith is bold enough to tell it like he sees it. There's no denying the job market is evolving so do yourself a favor, consider reading this book. You don't have to agree with everything, but it will behoove you to listen.

-T.B. Markinson, Self Publishing Review

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