Mikey Campling : Breaking Ground: A Tale of Mystery and Suspense Across Time

Breaking Ground: A Tale of Mystery and Suspense Across Time

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History, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Hugh Howey, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Wendig, Rysa Walker, A.G. Riddle

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April 9, 2015



About the Book    About the Author

Three stories, separated by over 5,000 years. One deadly secret binds them: The Darkeningstone.

Go back in time and meet Jake as he embarks on his journey of discovery in this Darkeningstone bonus story. Breaking Ground weaves together three fast-paced stories set across 5000 years and crammed with suspense.

In the modern day, Jake hopes to find buried treasure. But what will he unearth?

During WW II, Vincent takes off in a single-engine plane with three other men. One of them carries a deadly secret.

5,000 years in the past, Burlic hunts in the forest - alone. But what dangers lurk among the trees?

Get the First Full-Length Darkeningstone Book for Free Use the url below and I'll send you Trespass, a full-length Darkeningstone novel, packed with mystery and suspense, completely free:http://mikeycampling.com/giveaway

Breaking Ground is the perfect read for fans of A.G. Riddle, Kate Mosse, Barbara Erskine, and Rysa Walker. And if you're fan of Dr. Who, we'll get along just fine. Adults enjoy the rich plot and teenagers, young adults, and new adults particularly like the story's fast pace. There are elements of historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and time travel in this free book - along with a good measure of suspense and a side-order of thrills. Please note that this free book is approx 12,000 words long - it's a gripping, fast-paced, quick read. It's a taster of my work - a bonus story. It isn't an episode. I've written two full-length novels in the Darkeningstone series. The first Trespass has been published and the second will be released in 2016. The second novel will probably be the final Darkeningstone book - unless the Shades tell me otherwise.

Editorial Reviews

It is a great introduction to Mr. Campling's book Trespass. He does a beautiful job of capturing the emotions of his characters and keeps you wanting more. Well, worth a read.

Jamie Dodge, Author (USA)

Two Neolithic, a mid-twentieth century and early twenty-first century timelines intersect in this brilliant sci-fi fantasy novella. This can be read as a prequel to the author's longer work or as a stand alone story in its own right - either way what Campling gives us is a mysterious, haunting, violent, intruiging and beautifully crafted work in which it is left up to the reader to peice the fragments of each story together. The writing is exceptional, the characters fantastic, the story gripping. Highly recommended.

Jason Greensides, Author (USA)

It was the first Mikey Campling book I've read. But it definitely won't be my last. It's just my sort of story -- a type of sci-fi/fantasy undertone mixed with a dash of mystery and intrigue regarding what's going on. But readers who don't normally dip a toe into this genre will also enjoy what develops into a fascinating tale.

Stewart Bint, Author (UK)

I couldn't wait to get my teeth into this prequel novella and I certainly wasn't disappointed. This book can stand alone as a nice little story with twists and turns and plenty of action, but it also adds lots of detail to the world of 'Trespass.'

D.M. Cain, Author (UK)

I enjoyed this book very much. The time transitions were done well, the characters in each era clearly written with distinct personalities and problems that readily guided the reader into their time period smoothly.

Ronnie Roberts, Author (Canada)

From the Author

I have absolutely no idea what genre The Darkeningstone books fall into.
They are suitable for a YA audience but most of my readers so far seem to be adults. They have elements of time-slip and time travel but they aren't generic science fiction adventures. The stories take place across several time periods but I wouldn't identify them as historical fiction, which I often find too dry.
Perhaps you could say that I didn't choose a genre, but that a whole bunch of genres ganged up and chose me. The Darkeningstone books are:
Time travel for people who don't usually read sci-fi;Period drama for people who don't usually read historical fiction;A blend of myth and superstition for people who don't usually read fantasy;Fast-paced mystery and suspense for people who don't usually read thrillers;Richly drawn character based stories for people who don't usually read literary fiction.
Something for everyone!
What were the challenges in bringing this book to life?
Since The Darkeningstone books have multiple plot lines with the action spanning so much history and with certain intersections between the story lines, the planning is very challenging. It's very important to me that I don't cheat the reader, and so the plots must hang together and make sense. That's not to say that my wok is plot-driven. Yes, the stories must be rich, varied and complex, but it's vital that the characters don't take a backseat. I want the reader to go on a journey with the characters, so I work very hard to give the characters some room to develop and grow. Sometimes, the characters take me in directions I didn't expect and then I have to tear up my carefully made plans and think again. When you're dealing with elements of time-slip, it can be frustrating but hey, that's what I'm here for. I love a good challenge and I hope that it makes for a richer experience for the reader.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work. I worked very hard to produce this book and I really hope you enjoy reading it. If you do, please stop by and say hello. Amazon don't like me to give out any urls but I'm very easy to track down online.
All the best,
Mikey C

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