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Business & Finance , Self-Improvement

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David Allen, Stephen Covey, Steven Pressfield, Cal Newport, Tony Schwartz

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Publication Date

November 22, 2012



About the Book    About the Author

(PRE)PRODUCTIVITYIST is the combined works of some of Mike’s favourite posts from the year 2011, back when the blog that would become the basis for Productivityist first got its start. Within its pages you will find inspirational stories, ideas, thoughts, and much more. With so many posts to choose from and so many articles to sift through on what is now the Productivityist website, you’ll get some of the finest stuff from the first year of its existence.

Editorial Reviews

"Mike Vardy's path to productivityist has been a long and winding road. I have followed it through most of 2012, and have found it to be a very rewarding travel. His writing comes from the heart and it usually knocks me on my butt. This collection of essays is very indicative of the writing that he does every day. I remember reading a few of them on his blog, but some were new to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.If you are looking for some very smart writing whose goal is to help you in all aspects of your life, then Mike Vardy can deliver it. Start with this book, then continue everyday on Productivityist.com." - Michael R.

"This book does a great job of dispelling common productivity myths, offering truly practical advice, and helping you avoid productivity pitfalls. The writing is thoughtful, helpful, and entertaining. It's definitely worth the price and, most importantly, your time." - Peter N.

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