Mike Vardy : Beyond Trying

Beyond Trying

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Business & Finance , Self-Improvement

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David Allen, Stephen Covey, Steven Pressfield, Cal Newport, Tony Schwartz

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34 pages



Publication Date

Oct 28, 2014



About the Book    About the Author

Beyond Trying is an eBook that compiles some of the best work I've written at Productivityist since its transition from a personal blog to its present state. Think of it as a sequel to (PRE) Productivityist!

Editorial Reviews

"I'm currently making my way through Mike's new ebook *Beyond Trying* and am loving it so much! I know I need to personally up my game when it comes to productivity and time management. There is so much I want to do, so much I have waiting to do, and then all sorts of ideas popping out of the woodwork as well!I find Mike's words of wisdom to be timely, personable, and really helpful! You probably will too." - Maplemusketeer, Amazon Review

"Vardy has a personal, down to earth writing style and it's clear he knows exactly what he's talking about. If being productive is important to you, then you'll appreciate this awesome little book. It's packed with time management gems and I found it well worth the time spent." - Brent Hammond, Amazon Review

"'It’s easier to search for things rather than ship things.' I just needed to hear simple things like this, and Mike really had a lot of these in this book. I found point of application in most of the chapters." - Hans Schiefelbein, Amazon Review

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