Mike Scantlebury : Reverend Dumb

Reverend Dumb

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Suspense, Fiction

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Mysteries and crime fiction, Sue Grafton, Raymond Chandler, Ross McDonald, Mickey Spillane

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Print Length

200 pages





Publication Date

August 2018



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Poor Britain! The people are being asked to vote in a Referendum. It's a choice - stay in Europe, or get the country out. Hmm, tough choice. If only would say what the real issues are, but sensible people aren't talking. All that can be heard are the siren voices and Fake News. It's a killer combination. A pity then, that people are getting killed. Yes, visitors to the land, minding their own business, trying to set up deals and make opportunities, are finding themselves being wiped out. To Mickey and his friends in WSB, charged with protecting people from harm and terrorism, it's a tense time. If only Melia wasn't mysteriously ill and stranded in hospital, then maybe Mickey could concentrate on the problems, but he's being distracted. In the absence of the best members of the team, it falls to hopeless cases like the Deputy Director to step in, and do what he can. Poor England!

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