Mike Logan : The Roman Boy

The Roman Boy

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What do you do when everything you perceive as normal changes?

Domitius Aelius is a young boy living in Ancient Rome, just trying to live his life and have fun doing so. In fact, Domitius has an almost elite status with the other boys because of him being in the Roman Boys: a club with only four members, and never any more.

But when another boy creates a second club, and seems to want to go into a rivalry with the Roman Boys, Domitius’ entire life is shaken. His elite status with the other boys is challenged, and he is in danger of losing everything that he had ‘worked’ up to get.

And to top it all off, stories of a strange man in a far off region begin to come up. Supposedly, this man was performing miracles that are so astounding, no one can believe them! Not even those that actually see the miracles being done!

Domitius’ life is full of conflicting information, and almost everything that he believed in and could rely on is now gone. Domitius is pulled into a whirlwind of activities and events that he never imagined could happen at all. And through it all, he still tried to have as much fun as he could. After all, isn't that what life is all about? But things escalate farther than Domitius thought was possible, and the stakes got bigger and bigger. The path that Domitius chooses could possibly change his life forever.

This is his story.

This is the story of the Roman Boy.

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