Mike Jefferies : A Life For A Life

A Life For A Life

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Mike Sanders, Al-Saadiq Banks, JaQuavis Coleman

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After spending nearly a decade behind bars, Drako finally had something to smile about. His mentor, Toney Domacio, had taught him the workings of the underworld, and Drako was primed to take advantage. Along with his girlfriend Diamond, a new home, flashy cars and millions being thrown his way from his longtime friend and Red Rum Records CEO, Wiz, most would be content. But Drako still wasn't satisfied. In his mind, he deserved everything that Wiz had, and more. He was determined to play da game raw and make his millions, by any means necessary. This obsession with wealth culminated into a lucrative white collar scheme. Suddenly, things began to unravel. 

Wiz, who had employed Drako as his chief of security, endures media and federal scrutiny in the aftermath of death of a rival rapper. Diamond is becoming more and more nervous about the Feds catching on to Drako's schemes. But all the while Drako still has plans that must be carried out- plans that won't allow anyone to stand in their way- No Exceptions! This is a story of love and hate, trust and betrayal, life and death, all revolving around hip-hop, business, federal agents, gangstas, and inmates to bring about a shocking, dramatic conclusion. 

It is a tribute to those who understand that sometimes, in order for one to survive, another must be buried. It is, for all intents and purpose, A Life For A Life.

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