Michael Smorenburg : A TROJAN AFFAIR - The S.K.A. at Carnarvon

A TROJAN AFFAIR - The S.K.A. at Carnarvon

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Qunard Pub

Publication Date

15 April 2016



About the Book    About the Author

Seventeen year old Dara arrives at the opposite end to his freethinking universe—the dusty village of Carnarvon, in South Africa's Northern Cape Province—a town with more churches than ATMs.

His mother, an astrophysicist on contract to build the $2.5-Billion SKA radio telescope array, the biggest scientific instrument in history, now calls this home.

But Carnarvon is a town that time forgot, a place where the long shadow of bigotry & apartheid still lurks.

It is no place for a boy who inherited the dark skin of his father’s Indian heritage to begin singing the praises of science—especially not when the local preacher has whipped resistance to the “Devil machine” to fever pitch, claiming as he does that it aims to prove Genesis wrong.


No, sir. Dara finds enemies much more quickly.

But he find friends too, friends in most unlikely places...

Editorial Reviews

Caitlin O'Connor Caitlin - Author & Literary Critic

book pits fundamental Christianity against science. It could’ve come
across as the worst type of message fiction, but... both sides of the
argument are well presented.
An excellent story
that broaches a delicate topic in a sensitive manner. It’s easy to
connect with the characters, and the plot retains momentum throughout.
It was difficult to put down once I was into it, and I’ll definitely
read it again.


Patricia Glyn - Author & Media Personality

A Trojan Affair is a modern Galileo story. That Smorenburg has managed to
explore the hugely divergent world-views of religion and science,
creationism and evolutionary biology, within an entertaining, pacey, and
authentically South African story is laudable indeed.


Lin Sampson - Sunday Times Columnist

....held my attention to the very end. i think it is perfect for a movie script. Definitely Best Seller material.


Lee Burvine - Acclaimed Author (The Kafir Project)

written, with flesh and blood characters you care about (even the ones
you're not rooting for)... enough tension and excitement to keep the
pages turning late into the night"

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