Michael Reynolds : Love One Another?

Love One Another?

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Religion & Spirituality, Self-Improvement

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C.S. Lewis, James Bryan Smith, Erwin McManus, John Townsend

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God created you with an inner desire to have close friends who encourage you throughout life’s ups and downs. More than that, Jesus commands you to love other followers of Christ with the same intimate love that he pours out on you. How amazing is that? This is the kind of command I want to follow! Love One Another explores the meaning of this beautiful command and how obeying it can transform your life in exciting new ways. Michael gives practical ways to deepen the friendships God has given you and explores how living this way draws you closer to Christ.

In a busy and fast-paced culture, we can find ourselves settling for friendships that are convenient and shallow. God desires us to experience extraordinary life-changing friendships that reflect the love he has for us. Following this one command is essential if we are to grow in our love for God, in our love for others, and become a more appealing image of Christ to everyone else. Christ’s love is intimate and deep, sacrificing his own life to save ours. Can you imagine someone saying that about you? Love One Another will start you on this journey towards deep friendships that will change your life. Are you ready for such an adventure?

Editorial Reviews

Reynolds has created a great guide to take people in today's harem-scarem too-busy-to-talk to you society back to the benefits of true, deep, and lasting friendship. Based on Biblical principles, the author takes us from Genesis onward, pointing out how God "created us to be in a relationship with him and each other."The author challenges readers with questions for reflection at the end of each chapters. Using characters like the Pharisees, Adam, the Apostles, and personal experiences, Reynolds lays down the groundwork that defines friendship, and offers the benefits of close relationships. He shares how to go about seeking friends and then being a friend no matter the obstacles that creep into our lives, such as fear, lack of time, pride, selfishness and our environment.Great for small groups, as well as individual reflections! We should read and study this book more than once, and give as gifts.

-Lisa J. Lickel

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