Michael Muss : The 32 Laws of Fantasy Football

The 32 Laws of Fantasy Football

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Robert Greene, Malcolm Gladwell, Stanley Bing, Niccolo Machiavelli, Napoleon Hill

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Kiss goodbye to those improbable losses that pilfer wins from your season-total.

No matter how many years of experience you have playing fantasy sports, winning should always be your end goal. The 32 Laws of Fantasy Football outlines the steps involved that will allow you to (1) turn your foes into pawns for your own end game, (2) avoid the pitfalls that hamper all owners, and (3) filter out the noise to find the real indicators of success.

How is it possible that a third-string Wide Receiver could nearly guarantee you victory?

I'm not talking about the 3rd best Wide Receiver on a fantasy roster, but rather the third best receiver on an NFL team. Little known to most fantasy owners is a game theory driven set of strategies that offer significant advantages over the competition. What if those best practices that fantasy veterans constantly preach are no longer as effective as they once were?

You’ll be able to identify which strategies work and defend yourself from the herd mentality.

Certainly the do's and don'ts that you picked up along your early in your fantasy may have helped you avoid abysmal finishes. But do these same strategies propel you to consistent championship runs? If it's the same ideologies that your competitors are using then the answer it's probably no. As the game evolves, you need to adjust with it or be left wondering what went wrong.

How will you use these tactics to turn your “oh shit” moments into “holy shit” moments?

For every honest owner there is a Machiavellian seeking out any and all means to gain advantage over their counterparts. In any competition where the rules dictate decorum, every law is open to creative interpretation. Whether it's a pinky-toe out of bounds or an outright breach of acceptable conduct, cheating is a part of the game.

The choice is yours, to either be remain mediocre, or to slay your competitors as you dance around the letter of the law.

Remember that whether you are a good or bad person depends on what system of ethics is applied.

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