E. Michael Lunsford : Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards

Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards

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Children & Teens, Humor

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Shel Silverstein, J. K. Rowlings, J. R. R. Tolkien

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49 pages



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October, 2014



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Grab your ticket to the wonderful world of the whimsically weird. In this charming collection of wacky kid's poems, you'll find out why we're throwing the pumpkin away, how we're selling father's moustache, when little sister got elephant ears, where little brother got glued, and what's important about knee joints. Meet Cantakerous Stan, the Garbage Man; Hairy Carrie the Bearded Lady; The Wizard who looked like a Lizard; and the Grumbly Grump of Nottingham Dump.

This delightful collection of illustrated poems is surprising, inventive, kooky and--most of all--hilarious.

Editorial Reviews

This is undoubtedly the best poetry book for kids I have ever read. Right from the first one, 'Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards,' this collection of thoroughly entertaining poems takes a look at life in a humorous way through the eyes of a child.

As a parent and grandparent, I loved the way the author has captured their innocence. Covering all sorts of topics, the poems are all so entertaining, imaginative, original and so very funny. The icing on the cake is that they are delightfully illustrated with line and ink drawings which perfectly capture their essense.

Whether you are an avid fan of poetry, a parent who fancies a laugh, or someone looking to buy their first poetry book, I cannot recommend this one highly enough, and I for one am looking forward to reading more from this talented author. Five stars!

-Susan Keefe (http://susan-keefe.com/sometimes-i-get-my-shoes-on-backwards-by-e-michael-lunsford)

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