Michael E. Wittmer : Despite Doubt (Excerpt)

Despite Doubt (Excerpt)

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Discovery House

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October 2013



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In a world that says faith is all about taking risks—leaping into uncharted territory and expecting everything to be okay—many Christians struggle with the concept of walking by faith. How can you have confidence in God and follow His will when everyone around you is placing so much emphasis on doubt and the unknown as the driving force of faith? In Despite Doubt, Michael E. Wittmer reexamines this popular viewpoint and encourages you to get a clear understanding of your assurance in God and your salvation. Wittmer says, “Doubt is not the fuel of faith. Scripture repeatedly presents faith as our reliance upon what we know. Faith begins when we know the facts about God and His great salvation.”

You’ll find wisdom from the Word and practical examples to help you develop a freeing perspective on doubt that opens the door to asking questions, finding answers, and gaining knowledge about securing your trust in God. Take a look at the flipside of doubt and discover how much you already know about God and how you can embrace a confident faith. Despite Doubt includes questions for reflection and discussion and is excellent for both individual and small group study.

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