Melinda Drake : Every Other Weekend

Every Other Weekend

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When I lost Charlie, I needed to write to ease my pain; and found myself writing the angst of every woman I have ever met. Can we have it all? Can we be successful in our job, have a beautiful healthy child or two, have a wonderful marriage or relationship, and supportive family and friends? Balancing a personal and a professional life is not easy, and as I try to reconcile all the emotions I have about losing my dog; I decided to find a way to experiment with this book. This book invites the reader to be the narrator, to experience and live, at least part of the life of every woman I have ever met. Experience the passion of finding and losing a soul mate, to find yourself and realize that it is not about the destination. Life is the journey. Every Other Weekend will take you to the difficulties of having a part-time life of a single mother because you are just not quite ready to share your family life with the man of your dreams. This book will take you to different parts of the world, just to find that you are always were you are supposed to be, in love with life and happy to be you. It is an invitation to examine life and how desires take us to different facets of our personalities that we may not be aware exist. It is an invitation to experience love and passion through your eyes as you experience that you are the narrator, this book is about you.

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