Mark Forstater : The Spiritual Teachings of Marcus Aurelius

The Spiritual Teachings of Marcus Aurelius

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Marcus Aurelius was Emperor of Rome from 161 AD until his death in 180. During the many years of war he turned more and more to the study of the Stoic philosophy. This is the introduction to the book. It does not include the second part - the meditations.

Editorial Reviews

Abraham Lincoln claimed that the best way to test a man's character is to give him power. Surely Marcus Aurelius' golden reign over the Roman Empire from 161 to 180 AD was such a test. Although this highly educated pagan despised wars and battles, "barbarian" tribes constantly besieged his empire on the Asian and German borders. As a result, he spent eight miserable winters camped by the frozen Danube River acting as commander-in-chief over his triumphant armies. During those gloomy nights he penned many of the meditations that appear in this excellent translation. The lack of arrogance or self-pity in his ruminations offers proof that Aurelius passed the test of character with flying colours. Furthermore, the best way to test a person's writing is to give it time. Once again, Aurelius demolished the test. For example, contemporary world leaders would do well to heed the advice under the heading "Talking and Being" where he writes, "Stop talking about what the good person should be, and just be that person." Most of these quotes are similarly brief as he extols the virtues of working hard, not acting impulsively, and living in communion with the natural world. Like Thich Nhat Hanh or Kahlil Gibran, this is an accessible writer of lasting spiritual integrity. --Gail Hudson (Amazon)

Absolutely loved this book so much I bought another one for my good friend to have it too we both love it's philosophy 2000 years still as true now. Chrissy Picture (Amazon)

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